COA has updated their financial policies.

COA has updated their financial policies to make it easier for families to pay.
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Why are so many teen athletes getting Tommy John surgery?

Nearly 60 percent of Tommy John surgeries are for patients age 15 to 19, according to a 2015 study in the American Journal of Sports Medicine.
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Elbow Fractures

Children are active, and this can lead to a child falling onto their arm, leading to a fracture. If your child falls fast enough and with enough pressure, the bone around the elbow may break.
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A New Factor When Choosing a Surgeon

The doctor you want may be the one who specializes in just one kind of procedure, new research suggests.
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A Millennial Medical Problem: The ‘Selfie Elbow’

Capturing the perfect "selfie" can be a real pain in the elbow - literally! New data shows dramatic rise in a new form of tendinitis known as “selfie elbow”.
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