Meet Hallie Kate! Dr. Josh Murphy's Patient

Hallie Kate's family's strong faith left no doubt in mind that God placed Dr. Murphy in their lives that morning. Hallie Kate stayed in his care for a whole year, with him performing two separate surgeries on her leg.

The first surgery she had was to fix the femur and place flexible rods in her leg and the second to remove them. Her family said Dr. Murphy was great to them and explained everything as they went along and answered every question and concern.

Hallie and Dr. Murphy developed a special bond over this past year and she will tell anyone real quick that he is the best doctor she's ever seen. She even hated that her past visit was her last. Her parents pray none of their children will ever suffer another broken bone, but should it happen, they said they would make a 2 hour trip to see Dr. Murphy before going anywhere else. Hands down their favorite her Mom shared!