Meet Jacob! - Dr. Devito's Patient

"Jacob Meadows was born on March 15, 2015 at Tifton Regional Medical Center by emergency c section. Jacob seemed to be a normal healthy baby but 2 days later as we were preparing to go home, Jacob went into cardiac arrest. He was transferred to children's hospital in Macon where we spent the next 3 weeks in the NICU. They ran multiple tests but were unable to find out what was wrong with him. Jacob had several more respiratory arrests and cardiac arrests before being transferred to Scottish Rite in Atlanta where we spent 3 months in the NICU where again he had several more respiratory and cardiac arrests. He was placed on the ventilator multiple times while in Atlanta.

Jacob had 5 surgeries and multiple tests before we finally got a diagnosis of Sotos Syndrome, acute chronic respiratory failure & feeding difficulties. We were finally able to take Jacob home for the first time since he was born and he was 4 months old we where home 2 months and we noticed a hump in his back and later we find out it was Scoliosis this is when we where referred to Dr. Devito. Jacob had several EFD castings and had to have a back brace to help correct his curve.

When Jacob first started the casting it was a 50 and we got it to a 30. 2 months later his curve went back to a 70. We are doing casting again now.

Dr. Devito is an awesome doctor who is very compassionate and caring toward his patients and their families. He also has one of the best office staff from the front desk all the way to his nurses and coordinators. Jacob is now 2 years old and it has been a very hard and emotional 2 years but Dr. Devito and his team has definitely helped make things easier."

We wish Jacob and his family best wishes! Stay Strong!

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