Meet Tatum - Dr. Melissa Christino's Patient

Meet Tatum - Dr. Melissa Christino's Patient

"Tatum has played school soccer for past 3 years and was injured during her first soccer game this season, she was Captain.

She was hit/pushed by one of the opposing team players pretty hard and came to a hard stop, her knee pivoted and "popped". She immediately fell to the ground crying, her father on the sideline thinking nothing wrong, wanted her to get up and continue playing, and Tatum did. She played the entire game with her injured knee.

When we got home we iced her knee but the next day it was swollen pretty bad and she was in a lot of pain. She stopped by the athletic trainers office after school and he looked at it and asked her some questions and told her she definitely injured it and needed to get you to an orthopedic as soon as possible. 
Being after hours the trainer was extremely helpful and texted several doctors to see who could get Tatum in by end of the week. We had a response by the trainer with a doctor to go see the next day. We went to see one Orthopaedic doctor and liked him but felt he went more by what the patient (teenager) wanted to do instead of running it by the parent/ guardian. We had this feeling that we needed to see a "pediatric" orthopaedic doctor because Tatum is petite and we needed reassurance of another physician.

I looked up CHOA orthopedics/sports injury and scrolled through the doctors and read about most of them in our area. I called and made an appointment with Dr. Christino. When we had our first appointment we immediately felt at ease with her. She reviewed our MRI and X-rays from the previous physician and she did a very thorough exam of Tatum's knee. She gave us a hinged brace for support and for the stability of her knee. (the other physician did not give Tatum anything for support). Dr Christino immediately said she had torn her ACL and possibly had both a meniscus (inner and outer) tear. We scheduled surgery with her.

We went to the CHOA Meridian Mark outpatient surgery center (never been there) and they had the absolutely best staff all around! Tatum went in so nervous! After making the rounds with the nurses, DME coordinator, anesthesiologists, resident physician Dr. Christino came in and spoke to us and Tatum felt so at ease.

Dr. Christino was so thorough and explained everything in such detail, outcomes, and just basically the true facts about it all and true facts of what to expect. She was concerned for Tatum and wanted to help Tatum from not having the nervousness and pain during and after. Tatum went to the back for surgery and we were escorted to the post-op room, and was updated every hour on the hour as to how Tatum was doing. Her knee was worse off than they thought.

4 hours later, Dr. Christino walked into our room and explained what she found and what she did to Tatum's knee and had before and after pictures for us to keep and compare.

I just have to say I felt our little girl was taken such good care of and was in excellent hands of a great physician. We couldn't have asked for anyone better or a better facility. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone looking for a pediatric orthopaedic surgeon."

We are so glad "Princess Tatum" is recovering so well and wish her and her family the best!

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