Meet Tiffany! Dr. Tim Schrader's Patient

"Back in 2002 my daughter, Tiffany Tweed, contracted AVN (Avascular Necrosis - bone death) in both cuboids after a basketball injury. She is 6'4" and was offered several college scholarships for basketball. Her basketball career was over! We shifted to a survival mode at that point.

We lived in Valdosta, Georgia back then. She was diagnosed by the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York first after initially seeing a podiatrist in Valdosta. She was never seen by them in person but all of her records were sent there for a diagnosis.

We were referred to Emory Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia. We we told there to put my daughter in a pair of Birkenstock's for 30 days and then they would amputate both of her feet shortly there afterwards. When I left there balling my heart out and trying to calm my daughter down; I pulled into a Racetrac and in my rear view mirror I saw a sign for the Aflac Children's Cancer Center. I was a newer agent with Aflac and remembered hearing something about our Cancer Center. I called them and we were directed to you, Dr. Tim Schrader.

Dr. Tim Schrader was one of the most humbling people I have ever met. He under promised and over delivered. Dr. Schrader tried putting both of her feet in casts; that failed. We tried complete bedrest; that failed. Then we opted for surgery. He drilled her cuboid, removed all cysts and tumors involved. Then he filled the drilled areas with allograft.

Dr. Tim Schrader I'm proud to say that my daughter is a Doctor herself today. She graduated from Wingate University (Charlotte, NC) in May 2016 with her Doctorate of Pharmacy. You will never know how much your precious hands, heart and soul mean to me.

Tiffany works at the Catawba Medical Center located in Hickory, NC. Her experience with her own medical conditions, her love for other people, compassionate heart and people like you in her life made her who she is today! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!

You will never be forgotten!!!
Keep up the great work!!!"

Laura Tweed
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