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September 10, 2016
Congrats McKenzie and Declan for their Gold Medals in the Paralympic Games! Their hard work and dedication to their sport continues to amaze our team at Children's Ortho of Atlanta. They have never let their physical disability affect what they are capable of doing. Not only do they excel in their sport, but in all arenas of life.
July 19, 2016
Children's Orthopaedics of Atlanta partners with Performance Pediatrics and brings on Dr. Tara Merritt as one of our valued orthopaedic surgeons. Welcome to the team Dr. Merritt!
April 3, 2016
You may be surprised to find that only about 4% of orthopedic surgeons are female. Children’s Orthopaedics of Atlanta is gladly home to three of them: Dr. Jill Flanagan, Dr. Dana Olszewski, and Dr. Melissa Christino.
October 4, 2015
August 30, 2015
August 4, 2015