In recent years, osteoporosis has gained significant attention as a public health concern. This is due to the fact that direct costs in 2008 for osteoporosis-related fracture care in the United States were estimated at 22 billion dollars. Osteoporosis is a state in which bone is weakened and susceptible to fracture due to a misbalance between bone break-down and bone formation. Losing bone mass is a fact of life. On average, men will ultimately lose 20-30% of their bone mineral, while women may lose up to 50% of their bone mineral. Childhood represents the only time in one’s life where bones gain mineral and become stronger.  Therefore, it is imperative during this time to maximize the ability of our children to gain bone mineral. Naturally, if a child does her best to gain bone during childhood, then she will likely decrease her chances of developing osteoporosis as an adult.

We at Children's Orthopaedics of Atlanta have always focused on optimizing our young patients' bone health. This includes encouragement of exercise and calcium/Vitamin D intake. Additionally, this topic is gaining more public awareness as it was recently highlighted in the New York Times. Click here to read the article. In addition, Dr Flanagan has recently written suggestions on "How to Build Strong Bones" featured on our blog.

For More Information, please read the following link from the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons: Healthy Bones at Every Age

The US Government also provides useful information. The links include the following:

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