Toddler's Fractures

As the name implies, toddler's fractures typically occur in the young childhood population.  Typically the mechanisms are of lower energy - more classic examples include a leg getting caught on the slide, or a slip and fall on the hardwood floor.  The fracture is located in the bottom (distal) half of the tibia in most cases.  Unlike tibia fractures in older children, it is rare in these toddler fracture's for the bones to seperate (displace) away from each other due to the thick lining of tissue (known as periosteum) that surrounds the bone.

When this injury occurs, most children will need immediate medical attention due to pain and inability to bear weight - either in urgent care or in the emergency room.  On the initial visit with your COA provider, he/she will likely place your child in a long or short leg cast.  Casts are on typically from 2-4 weeks.  Once the cast is removed, then your child may be allowed to walk on the leg.  A residual limp is common for 1-2 weeks once the cast is removed.  Physical therapy is rarely necessary.  

If your child has suffered one of these fractures and needs to be seen, please do not hesitate to schedule an appointment today.