Sports Hernia

Athletic pubalgia is a cause of groin pain that occurs most commonly in athletes.  In this condition there is an injury or tear that occurs to various tissues such as the lower abdominal wall connective tissue or muscles.

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Individuals with athletic pubalgia usually have groin pain that is worsened with activities such as running, twisting, turning, kicking and hip extension. The pain may radiate to the inner thigh or the testicles. The pain may be worsened with coughing, sneezing or doing sit-ups. On physical exam there may be tenderness in the extreme lower abdomen or groin over the superficial inguinal ring.  There may also be pain with forcibly bringing the thighs together. There is not a palpable swelling or bulging such as is found in an inguinal hernia. 


Sports hernias are usually not found by radiological studies.  Treatment of sports hernia is with rest and avoidance of pain. Physical therapy may help. Surgery may be needed to treat this condition.