Pediatric Limb Deformity and Lengthening

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  • “COA Limb” is a comprehensive program dedicated to treating children with severe limb length inequalities and/or limb deformities.   

    The surgeons actively involved in the COA limb program have received additional limb lengthening training, and remain active in the limb lengthening and deformity communities to ensure that your child receives the most current and informed treatment possible.  Most are members of either ACPOC (Association of Children's Prosthetic-Orthotic Clinics), LLRS (Limb Lengthening and Reconstruction Society) or both.  

    COA limb goes well beyond the surgeons.  It involves working with our community pediatric physical therapists and orthotists to ensure that your child remains as functional as possible.  Most importantly, it involves working with our patients and their families.  Each patient and family is unique.  We know that communication between all parties involved in the care of your child is important for a successful outcome.  We at COA are dedicated and willing to go the extra mile.  Schedule an appointment today and experience the COA difference. 

    The COA limb team is proficient at treating the most complex of limb deformities and/or limb length inequalities.  These are challenging problems, and our specially-trained physicians at COA are well-suited to managing them.  Read below about the most common of complex limb problems.

    • Limb deformity represents crooked limbs.  Examples include knock knees, bowlegs, and intoeing.  Some types of deformities will correct without treatment over time, while others may necessitate surgical treatments.  Click here to learn more.
    • Limb deficiency denotes that there is a congenital absence of different parts of limbs.  It results in limbs that are different length and may form crooked as well.  Treatment for limb deficiency problems such as congenital femoral deficiency, tibia hemimelia, and fibula hemimelia, demands a highly-trained multi-disciplinary team.  COA has paired with CHOA's limb deficiency program to provide your child the care he requires. Treatment for these limb deficiencies requires limb lengths to be equal by the time your child is done growing.  Click here to learn more about limb deficiency treatments at COA. 
    • Limb length discrepancy refers to differences in limb lengths.  These differences can be due to a variety of reasons.  Examples include the limb deficiency problems as highlighted above, others can be due to complications of broken bones through growth areas.  Treatments range anywhere from observation to limb lengthening.
    • Limb lengthening is a treatment for major limb length discrepancies (often greater than 2 inches).  In general, lengthening can be performed with either an external fixator, or with an internal lengthening nail.  The physicians at COA are trained to do both.  Click here to learn more.

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