My name is Marcel. I was 9 years old my when legs was getting bow. I was in Africa back then. Come to America by the end of the 2011 year, we go to the hospital to see what was really going on. This is where I meet Dr. Flanagan for the first time.

In the beginning of the 2012 year i was diagnosed with Blount disease. It get worst in a way that surgery was needed. I was too overweight back then that Dr. Flanagan say I must loss some weight before getting the surgery done, for a successful procedure. So she send me to Strong4Life program where I meet Dr. Wash and her administration, who help me get on the right track for my weight loss. Back then i  I was 16 years old. It was in 2014 that I finally have the required weight for the procedure to be done. So since the right leg was bow more and hurting the more, it's was done first on November 3, 2014. Everything was great; No complications.

After been in the ICU for days, Dr. Flanagan send me to the Rehab Services to get some strength before going home. There I spend 3 to 4 weeks by doing therapy. Dr. Flanagan pass to check on me and see my progress. If she can't make, she send her assistant doctors to check me out; She never let a week pass without having a news about how I had been doing. Oh! by the way they was really nice the Rehab Services; the nurses, the therapists, etc...

We get a call from Medicaid that I will be off age for them to continue insure me shortly, since in January 2015 I'm turned 19. That is where the problems began. And since I'm not working getting a new insurance had been hard. So the Rehab social worker introduce us to a program call SSI. And she help us get into the program. But from there also we was having problems in a point that my mom need to get a lawyer to help us. We tell Dr. Flanagan everything that was going on, even when i go to check up every 2 weeks, mom fill her in about where we are with the insurance problems. Been putting all my weight on the left leg, it was getting more bow and painful. So Dr. Flanagan put me in the hospital charity program, so I could get the left one done. Because finding another insurance before the second leg surgery was taking time and my left leg was getting worst. Thanks to her and her administration I was approved for the charity, and in March 2016, I got my second leg done.

They just take of my cast yesterday, September 14, 2016!!! I was so happy that I took many full pictures of myself right away; Things I never done before, because of my bow legs.

"Without Dr. Flanagan I don't even think I would on my feet right now."

Thanks to her and every one she help me get in touch with in this past 4 years for me to have those surgeries done and have a great result. It's has been a long road, but she help me through every step. My mom and I are really grateful and thanking her so much! She is the best Doctor ever! 

Thanks so much!

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