Scoliosis Treatment For Kids & Adolescents

Having a child that's diagnosed with scoliosis can be overwhelming. At Children's Orthopaedics of Atlanta, we are dedicated to providing support for your child as well as your family each step of the way. 

Scoliosis Treatment Options

Scoliosis treatment is based on the type of scoliosis, the size of the scoliosis and the age of your child. There are numerous other factors in addition to the ones mentioned that are considered prior to making treatment recommendations. Regardless of the type of Scoliosis, treatment options are generally narrowed down to one of three options - observation, cast/brace treatment or spinal surgery. 

Non Surgical Scoliosis Treatment

At Children's Ortho of Atlanta, our spinal surgeons and physicians are committed to finding the best treatment for your child's scoliosis. We understand that children are still growing, so we'll come up with a treatment plan that allows for continual growth. Some of these options might include:

Surgical Scoliosis Treatment

Scoliosis surgery requires an extensive amount of knowledge, training, expertise and precision. Our COA Spine team includes all fellowship-trained spinal surgeons who are amongst the leaders in their field in the use of navigation and robotics during spinal surgery.



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