Scoliosis Surgical Treatment

Scoliosis surgery requires an extensive amount of knowledge, training, expertise, and precision. At COA, our spinal surgeons are all fellowship-trained and are amongst the leaders in the image guided & robot assisted spinal fusion

Spinal Fusion

The type of surgery performed for a child with scoliosis is called a spinal fusion. The spine is made of multiple joints and a fusion means that the joints are purposely fixed so that they are no longer capable of moving. The main goal of scoliosis surgery is to prevent a large curve from worsening. By performing a spinal fusion, the curve will be fixed so it can no longer move. 

Growing Rods

Most spinal surgeries are intended to stop growth; however, the usage of growing rods is not intended to stop growth. The usage of the rods takes into account the inevitable growth of the spine as well as the growth of the rib cage and lungs. During the initial procedure, rods are attached directly to the spine at the top and bottom of the curve with implants (hooks or screws). The growing rods act as an internal brace that controls the curve but still allows for growth.  Read about how growing rods work.

COA Spinal Surgeons

Our surgeons knowledge of the latest innovations is second to none, including robotic-assisted spinal surgery & image-guided spinal surgery. Worldwide leaders in spinal robotics, our team uses the most advanced equipment and implants approved by the FDA, such as the MAGEC rods. The spine team at COA is dedicated to research and teaching. We train two fellows per year specializing in pediatric orthopedics and spinal surgery, and have done so for 30+ years. We are a robot and medical center of excellence where many other surgeons even come to learn. We are also instructors at many national courses in advanced spinal surgery.

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