Cast Care

Questions about your cast?  Does your cast feel too tight? Is it too itchy?  Did your child's cast accidently take a dip in the bathtub?  Check out the FAQ's below.  We're here to help.

My child’s cast got wet, what should I do?

If it is not saturated, (water pouring out of it), use a cool hair dryer and towel to dry it. If saturated or has gotten wet more than once, please call our office to schedule a cast change with a cast technician – 678-686-6841.

To keep the cast dry:

For children under two it is best to do a sponge bath or try Glad Wrap, Press and Seal. For older children use trash bags, umbrella bags, newspaper plastic bags sealed at the top with elastic, duct tape or a hair "scrunchy". Before you seal the bag, wrap a small towel or wash cloth at the top of the cast, this can prevent leaks into the cast. There are products made to protect the cast from getting wet and these can be ordered on the web. Go to "Google" and type in cast protectors. Your results will contain a variety of products. Do not swim in these unless given permission by your provider. They do not work well in children under 5.

Can I get a Waterproof Cast?

Waterproof casting is used only in certain scenarios.  Your COA provider can explain if a waterproof cast is an option for your child.  The waterproof liner that is placed under the cast is very expensive and is not covered by insurance.  Therefore, COA does charge a $50 fee to cover the additional costs of the cast.  When your child has a waterproof cast, he/she can swim and bathe with no restrictions. 

When you are done swimming, rinse the cast with clear water and allow it to drain by hanging the arm downward and let the water flow out of the cast. Using a towel or cool hair dryer can help speed up the drying process.  If the arm in the cast itches, dunk the cast in water. This usually does the trick; if not an oral antihistamine such as Benadryl can help. The manufacturer reports 1 -3 hours of drying and recommends letting the cast dry thoroughly before getting it wet again. 

The cast is broken, what should I do?

If the cast is broken, contact a cast technician at 678-686-6841 to discuss the situation with them. Your child may need a new cast. Please leave your name, your child’s name, your child’s date of birth, what the problem is and a phone number where you can be reached directly.

My child’s finger(s)/toe(s) are swollen. Is the cast too tight?

Some swelling is to be expected; it can take up to 2 to 5 days for the swelling to go down.

If there is swelling:

Prop the extremity higher than the child’s heart.

Apply ice (it still works through the cast; make sure you place the ice bag in a thick towel so you don’t get the cast wet).

If the extremity is cold, blue and/or numb:

Contact our office right away (404-255-1933) for instructions. You will need to visit our office or if we are closed the Emergency Room.

If your child can move his/her toes and/or fingers, they are warm to the touch and if you press their nails, they go white but the color comes back quickly, your child is probably fine. Try elevation and rest first.

My child put something in their cast, what should I do?

If you are not able to easily get the object out of the cast, your child needs to be seen in our office to have their cast changed. If left in the cast, the object can cause pressure sores on the extremity.